About us

WORDFORCE consists of 3 project managers, 1 DTP specialist and a network of more than 100 freelancers from around the world - all carefully selected over a period of 15 years and among the best in their area of specialisation.

Each of our team members has a solid academic background and an in-depth subject matter expertise. We leverage state-of-the-art translation and project management software to maximise consistency and efficiency, and we employ strict quality assurance processes to meet the discriminating demands of our international clients.

To provide availability around the clock, our project managers are located in three countries and time zones: Britain (GMT +0), Colombia (GMT -6 hours), and Singapore (GMT + 8 hours).

Project Manager (Americas)

Foto - OlafOlaf Reibedanz — Project Manager (Americas)

Olaf is a native German speaker fully at home in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. He received his university education in Modern Languages, History, and Social Anthropology from British and French universities. In 2001, he started his translation business and relocated to South America. Having lived in Peru, Argentina and Brazil, he is currently based in Cali (Colombia). Although a social scientist by training, he has gradually shifted his focus to the area of economics and finance, with particular emphasis on the financial markets.

Project Manager (Europe)

Foto 2 - Felix KeckeisFelix Keckeis — Project Manager (Europe)

Felix specialises in financial and legal translations. After growing up in Austria, where he finished his studies with a Master of Laws, he spent two years in France followed by six years in Argentina, where he was in charge of an Investment Consultancy. In 2011 he relocated to London, and started his translation business. Over the past four years, he has been translating annual reports, fund prospectus and legal texts for international companies, banks, and law firms. His hands-on experience in the business world and his familiarity with different legal systems and idiosyncrasies make him a valuable asset to the Wordforce team.

Project Manager (Asia)

Foto 1 - Benjamin HerscheBenjamin Hersche — Project Manager (Asia)

Ben grew up in Switzerland where in 2007 he earned a degree as an English/French to German translator. After working in-house for SIX Group Ltd (a financial service provider with its head-office in Zurich) and CLS Communication (a renowned international translation agency), he set up his own translation business in 2011. Based in Singapore, he serves Swiss and European clients, mainly from the banking industry.

DTP Specialist


Hacène Dramchini — DTP Specialist

Hacène is a French native speaker who studied English (and a few other languages) in France and the Netherlands before relocating to the UK in 1997. Thanks to various job positions in the publishing industry, he soon became an expert in project management and desktop publishing (DTP). Since 2004, he successfully applies those skills to the area of translation. He continues to hone his IT skills by keeping up to date with the latest software developments and by creating software applications for translators. Hacène is also a renowned speaker and workshop organizer at translators' events.