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WordForce helps you connect with your international audience through accurate and elegant translations.


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Translation process at WordForce

At WordForce we know that you rely on clear and precise communication with your customers, shareholders or business partners. Therefore, we make sure that we understand all the nuances of your text and provide an accurate, idiomatic, and elegant translation that sounds like an original piece of text. To achieve this outcome, we apply a rigorous work process:

1. The translation task is assigned to a translator who is an expert in the subject matter.
2. The translation is then proofread by a second colleague.
3. Any questions arising during the translation/proofreading process are discussed on our private online forum (accessible only by team members).
4. To improve terminology consistency, we use specialised translation software (Déjà Vu X, MemoQ, SDL Studio).
5. If available, the client's terminology preferences and glossaries will be taken into account. Alternatively, we can also create glossaries, at any stage of the translation process, to be validated by the client.
6. If necessary, before and/or after the translation/proofreading process, our DTP specialist checks the document to make sure the layout corresponds exactly to the formatting of the source document.